headcanon: Jim and Sherlock sometimes watch crime shows together, but Jim is the ONLY one who can ever guess the killer, since the actual trick to doing so is reading the signals inherent in the structure of the episode, while Sherlock always refuses to compromise scientific integrity by implementing these “shortcuts” in analysis, and moreover, he lacks the requisite knowledge of television to do so.


on a rooftop:

after being shot by mary morstan, sherlock seeks out jim on the roof of his mind palace. the echo of the consulting criminal is frustrated in his attempts to resuscitate sherl, until he comes up with a little extra incentive…

That scene is tame compared to some of the fun we get…
— Andrew Scott talking about the rooftop scene with Benedict Cumberbatch on the Late Late Show  (via missprg)


It’s raining, it’s pouring

Sherlock is boring.

I’m laughing, I’m crying

Sherlock is dying.

Sherlock fanfiction came to life this episode tbh.


  • Sherlock and Jim watching a crime show and knowing who’s killed and who’s the killer within the first two minutes
  • Sherlock and Jim going clothes shopping and arguing over whether Belfast is better or Westwood
  • Jim dragging Sherlock out of the house in the middle of an experiment to take him to a fancy restaurant in France for their one year anniversary
  • Jim rearranging Sherlock’s socks one pair at a time over a few weeks to annoy him
  • Sherlock and Jim sitting in a park playing deductions about the people around them
  • Sherlock and Jim taking their child to her first day of school and Sherlock convincing Jim not to shoot the teacher because she talks to their daughter as if she’s not the most extraordinary thing in the world


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       ”you were the best distraction”